Thursday, December 18, 2008

~ Toyota Vs Proton ~


- Top Japanese and global car maker.

- Comfort & fuel economy, allrounder for all levels of market
Toyota has adopted localisation process in most South East Asia market, so they generally make local assembled CKD and fully Japan import CBU models. Japan imports model have superior quality. CKD local assembled divided into two main group - Mid class like Camry & Altis and Economical class like Avanza. So Toyota able to cover whole level of market in SEA even the local government enforcing control on import car. Toyota is running with high sales in Thailand, Indonesia & Philippines.

- Buy the book The Toyota Story,
Toyota outpaced Honda in Japan and all countries outside Japan, including Malaysia. Cars that sell better than Toyota in Malaysia is Perodua.


- Malaysia first 'national car maker', currently struggling with sales after Malaysian have alternative 'local car maker' such as Perodua & CKD makers.

Priced comparative with competitors in the same category but require high tolerance for quality issues, Proton engine generally quite reliable, interior finishing is always an issue. Good buy for those start tight pockets, no offense.

Toyota is like Soccer Team playing in UEFA Champion League and Proton still try to qualify for local Div Two league.